No-Stress Help for Postpartum Hair Loss

 The hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and postpartum can have a massive impact on our hair. The most common change is that it can get quite thin, especially at the temples or recession area. And while I know you have much bigger (and cuter) things to think about both pre and post-baby, it can still be annoying to have to deal with the hair loss when you’re styling your hair.

The good news is usually the hair will grow back over time after normal postpartum hair loss.

Don’t worry if it seems like it’s not happening though. It won’t look the same for everybody and it can take a while. I’ve had several clients go years without their hair going back to the way it was.

No matter what the timeline looks like, people will often look for some way to boost hair regrowth and get rid of their postpartum hair loss once and for all. Some will spend a lot of money on hair growth products or take vitamins and supplements that promise big results.

I get it. It makes sense to look for a solution, and I support the decision to use healthy products to improve your situation! But as a professional who has seen just about every option out there, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like the drastic results those products promise. Your best bet is to follow the tried-and-true methods of keeping your hair as healthy as possible and be patient.

This is especially true because, as an experienced hairstylist, I can usually spot the photo manipulation in the before and after pics of many of the more gimmicky hair products. That means years can go by with little or no improvement and it can get very stressful, very expensive, and very disappointing and discouraging. Not something any new parent needs added to their plate!

So what options are out there?

One of the simplest answers is a halo of hair extensions!

They're a great option, and can be installed in just one appointment. Plus, you have total control over how thick you want your hair and in what spots you want some extra fullness added.

A halo of extensions is a hair extension placement that is attached by a small bond that’s pretty much invisible when they’re set in correctly. They’re comfortable and flexible.

So if you decide to get extensions as a no-stress solution for that postpartum hair loss, our first step is to find the density you want and plan out a color match at a consultation. Then we make an appointment to install them. That’s it!

With proper home care, they can stay in the hair for up to 4 months before they have to be replaced, making them the lowest maintenance method of installation.

The ease and customization of a halo hair extension installation aren’t just perfect for postpartum.

The customization and easy care of a halo of hair extensions makes this a great solution for a managable change with big impact. They work wonders for anyone with thin hair or anyone who wants a splash of color without the chemical stress.

If you've thought about extensions but worried it'd be more than you wanted to handle or just want to test it out, this is the perfect way to do it.

Want to talk about getting some halo extensions for your hair? Send me a message or grab an appointment at the salon!