Going Chemical-Free: How Embracing Natural Beauty Revolutionized My Life and Career

In a world where chemicals often seem unavoidable, I proudly made a decision to go chemical-free in my life. As a hippy at heart, I had always been conscious of the environment, but it was after my kids were born that I made a firm commitment to eliminate chemicals from our home. This journey led me to switch to natural cleaners and food, and I even took the radical step of ditching all my styling products. I switched to a shampoo and conditioner bar with all-natural ingredients, determined to maintain my signature hairstyle without the assistance of chemicals. But the results were far from what I had expected.

The Hair Dilemma: Going Chemical-Free without Sacrificing Style

Can you guess what happened? If you guessed that my hair had no style, you're absolutely right. But it didn't end there. My hair started to dry out, and despite using natural ingredients, I still yearned for that polished look. So, I continued styling my hair, minus the necessary products to protect my bleached hair from thermal damage. Over time, my hair slowly got shorter and shorter as I had to trim away the dry, damaged ends.

It was during a conversation with a friend who had stunningly long hair that I had an epiphany. I realized I had to do something different, not just for my own hair but also for my clients. This revelation marked a pivotal moment in my career as a hairdresser and deserves a dedicated blog post of its own.

The Client Conundrum: Losing Clients and Lessons Learned

Another issue arose during this chemical-free journey—I was losing clients. By not sending them home with the essential styling products to recreate the look they desired, I had unintentionally pushed them to seek advice from other professionals. It was frustrating for them and challenging for me as I watched my clientele dwindle.

But adversity often leads to growth, and in this process, I learned valuable lessons. These lessons have not only rebuilt my clientele but have also allowed me to grow my own hair longer than ever before.

Balancing Beauty and Natural Living

Today, I strive to keep my beauty routine as natural as possible, considering ingredients and environmental impact. I make a conscious effort to use products with natural ingredients, preferably locally sourced. Additionally, I've developed a strategic haircare routine to maintain the health of my hair as I approach my 50s (just one more year to go!). This holistic approach to beauty isn't just for me; I share it with everyone who sits in my chair.

A Holistic Approach to Hairdressing

When working with clients, I don't just focus on the immediate style they desire. I look at the bigger picture—what are they trying to achieve, and what maintenance routine will keep that look intact? During the styling process, I aim to achieve their desired look with the least number of products possible. Then, I make recommendations based on their individual needs, all while considering their preferences, including the fragrance of the product.

Embracing a chemical-free lifestyle has transformed my life and career. It's allowed me to align my values with my actions, and I've never been happier or more fulfilled in my role as a hairdresser. So, if you're considering making the switch to a more natural beauty routine, know that it's possible. You can achieve your desired style while also minimizing your environmental impact. It's all about finding the right balance, and I'm here to help you on that journey, one beautiful, chemical-free hairstyle at a time.