Angie's Essential Services
Signature Strands


Keep your highlights fresh and vibrant with my specialized maintenance service, perfect for anyone within the 8-12 week grow-out period. I will skillfully revitalize your existing highlights or add a touch of brightness to your face-framing highlights and hairline, as showcased on my Instagram feed. You can think of this as a modern day partial highlights appointment.


This appointment gets you the brighter face frame, ponytail highlights and bring blonde back up the the root at the part & crown. ⁣⁣It’s great for maintaining existing blonde that has grown out a bit. If it’s been months since your last blonde appointment, I recommend booking my extended Full Head Highlights appointment.

Haircuts can be added to any service for a complete transformation.This service is also highly recommended for bob clients in need of highlights, ensuring a stunning and cohesive look. Book your appointment today and let me elevate your style with my expert touch!

1.5 to 2 Hours | $260


This gets you everything in the Moneypiece/Partial Highlights, PLUS I go through and brighten up the ends of your hair to make sure you get that lighter gradation from root to end. ⁣

This appointment is also for those clients with long / thick hair who love BRIGHT dimensional highlights. ⁣In addition to the primary services, I also offer expert color and grey blending during both types of appointments. Simply inform me ahead of time if you require a haircut, and I'll ensure your session is tailored to meet all your hair needs, creating a stunning and cohesive look that reflects your unique style. Toners, treatments and necessary product recommendations are included In the appointments.

I recommend treating yourself to this service a few times a year for beautifully balanced, bright highlights that create a natural, sun-kissed gradation towards brighter ends. You'll receive an abundance of highlights during this appointment. Book your appointment today and let me work my magic to create stunning, sun-kissed highlights tailored to your unique style!

2.5 to 3 Hours | $345


Discover the Magic of Express Toners for Seamless, Radiant Hair. Express toners are the ideal choice for softening highlights as they grow out, adding a darker root for a seamless transition.


This service effectively neutralizes unwanted warmth or brassiness while boosting shine and manageability. It also helps blend gray hairs and adds depth to your overall look.

Allow 1 to 1.5 hours for this transformative experience. If you're interested in adding a haircut to your service, please contact me so I can adjust the appointment duration accordingly. Book your express toner appointment today and let me enhance your hair's natural beauty with a touch of finesse!

1 to 1.5 Hours | $150

Dream Hair
Custom Extensions

All Extensions Require a Consultation prior to booking.


Get ready to flaunt those locks! Angie's Hair Boutique in Maple Ridge offers dreamy, custom hair extensions that'll make heads turn. Dive into my world of Deluxe Babe and fine hair solutions. Book a fun consultation and let's give your hair the fabulous makeover it deserves!


At Angie's Hair Boutique, I specialize in creating bespoke hair extension experiences that cater to your unique style and hair needs. My expertly crafted hair extensions are designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair, providing you with the length, volume, and confidence you desire.

Exclusive Hair Extension Consultation - Your First Step to Gorgeous Hair

Personalized Approach:
Every great hair extension journey begins with a personalized consultation. I dedicate time to understand your hair goals, assess your hair type, and recommend the best extension options for you.

Consultation Details:

  • Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Cost: $150 (credited towards your extension service)
  • Outcome: A customized hair extension plan, including colour matching and installation method

Consultation Fee | $150 (to be credited towards extension installation when booked)


The answer for those seeking to elevate their hair game effortlessly. Our extensions are designed to seamlessly blend with your natural locks, providing you with the transformation you've always desired.


Say goodbye to short bangs and hello to enviable length. Our fusion extensions will help you grow out your bangs with ease, creating a flawless and natural look. Struggling with thinner areas? Worry no more! Our extensions will fill in those sparse sections, giving you a voluminous and luscious mane in no time.

Our Fine Hair Solution Extensions offer pops of blonde that will brighten up your style without any long-term commitment. Experience the freedom of changing your hair color whenever you desire, without the damage caused by traditional dyeing techniques.

Achieve the ultimate hair transformation while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural tresses.

Starting At: $285.00


Elevate your look to new heights with my Babe Extensions, designed to provide you with not only stunning volume and length but also a luxurious hair you've always dreamed of.


My Babe Extensions are fully customizable, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural hair for an undetectable transformation. These extensions boast exceptional quality and durability, giving you the confidence to flaunt your new look without any worries.

Indulge in the ultimate hair upgrade with my Babe Extensions, and enjoy the unmatched elegance and sophistication they bring to your everyday style. Elevate your look with stunning volume and length, and step out with confidence, knowing that you're turning heads wherever you go.

The Deluxe Babe Experience goes above and beyond by including premium products (extension brush, K18 Leave in molecular repair mask, dry shampoo, scrunchie) a 1-week check-up, and custom blending to ensure your extensions look and feel flawless.

Starting at $759.00

Exclusive enhancements

Complement your primary hair service with our luxurious add-ons, including precision cuts, expert touch-ups, professional styling, and nourishing Keratin treatments. Please note that these enhancements are available exclusively in conjunction with the above services and cannot be booked as standalone appointments.