All You Need to Know About Money Piece Highlights

Once you’ve decided to change up your hair colour with some highlights, it’s time to choose from the many different styles of highlights you’ll see in inspiration pictures that started popping up on your feed (since the algorithm definitely figured out you’re looking by now). If you’re wanting something that brings a big impact without taking too much time or upkeep, you may want to get a money piece.

What’s a money piece, and why would you want one?

Money piece style highlights focus on strategically lightening the hair around your face. They can be a subtle shift in colour, go a level or two lighter, or take your hair much lighter for more colour contrast. There are no rules about the end results, it’s all about the placement! You can even make them any colour you want, to switch things up from the more common blonde (pink is one of my all-time favourites).

The sectioning and placement of the highlights are also customizable, making it even more fun. That means you and your stylist can find the combination that gets the look you want. Some people love a chunky bold money piece. Some prefer softer and skinnier sections at the part that flare out wider towards the ends.

The subtler placement you get with the smaller sections is a great way to get blonde spread more naturally around the face and it always looks pretty when tied back or flipped over the part. I recently did this placement on my mannequin, take a look!

When I do a money piece on blonde hair, I also blend the highlights at the front into the perimeter for a cohesive put-together look. This is something that gets skipped sometimes, but it’s worth it. No matter how great our highlights are, we all know we’ll be pulling that hair back soon enough. Make sure it looks good in a ponytail, too!

Who else does a money piece work for?

If you’re already blonde, a money piece appointment is a great option to maintain and bring the blonde back up to the root around the face. It's a modern-day "1/2 of highlights" that helps keep your blonde fresh while lowering your overall appointment and maintenance time.

On a budget? Just want to focus on the front?

Money piece is perfect. I do it myself in the winter months. It gives my hair a break from the bleach, and it's a nice color change!

Do a lot of Zoom calls or TikTik videos?

A money piece has you covered. You’ll be camera ready with a new look and fresh color.

Overall, it’s a perfect introductory to blonde colour, as it's less of a commitment and we can take care of it in a shorter appointment. We’ll lighten to get the placement to get the look you want, apply a custom toner to get to your perfect colour, add in a K18 treatment for soft and manageable hair, and finish with a trim to keep your style looking sharp. Then you get to head out and get back to your life!

How to maintain a money piece

Like all blonde colour, the right pigmented shampoo is recommended. This keeps things from getting to faded or brassy. You’ll also need to book appointments for your new growth, to either keep up the money piece or help it grow out smoothly.

One great thing is, if the placement is soft enough, it will grow out relatively soft and natural and stretch the time between your follow-ups. Ask me or your stylist at your consultation appointment to make sure you’re choosing the right money piece highlight placement for your maintenance goals! We can also help recommend daily styling methods and products to make it all last longer and stay healthier at home.

Basically, you take care of your blonde in a money piece the same way you do any highlights. Once you find the right combo for you, it’s not hard at all.

Ready to book an appointment to get your money piece? You can click here and grab a time...we’ll start planning your new look together!