The Simple Secrets that Help Pump Up Your Volume

Getting that extra oomph into your style can be tough to perfect. Finding the big-but-not-too-big balance and having it stay all day? It’s no easy hair-styling feat. So...what do we do when things seem to keep falling flat?

The good news is there are some simple steps you can take to add volume to your hair, even if it’s always seemed like it would never happen.

And I promise they won’t take a ton of time or several cans of hairspray! I use them myself, and they’ll work with lots of hair lengths and even your hair extensions.

We’re going to break it down in three sections:

Cut, Wash, and Style

Volumizing Haircuts

The first step to getting voluminous hair is getting the right cut and layers for your specific hair type. I know that’s not a’ve heard me talk about the importance of your cut for different style goals!

Here’s what that means when you’re trying to build volume in your hairstyle:

  • If you have heavy thick hair, creating movement with invisible interior layers will help
  • If you have thin fine hair, some carefully placed texture to keep a strong perimeter is important.
  • If you have curls or waves, you also want to make sure the layers or texture is placed to work with your natural curl pattern.

Wash Routines that Boost Your Hair’s Volume

Once you have the right cut, we look at your wash routine. Grabbing a shampoo and conditioner that promotes lift and volume will help your hair move more freely. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners are made specifically to lift out any dirt or past products while not weighing your hair down.

Don’t forget the dry shampoo, too! This is yet another example of why taking more days between your washes helps with your hair goals. When you wash your hair less often, you don’t have to spend as long styling it and you keep it healthier. Healthier hair can give you that lovely lift without feeling dry and damaged.

Simple Hairstyling Tips for Added Volume

When you’ve finished washing and conditioning, you’ll want to towel dry your hair to remove excess water. Then, grab your best lightweight styling products that will give heat protection, hold and control without taking the volume out of your hair. You want to be able to maneuver through your hair without a sticky heavy feeling.

Then you remove the rest of the water by blowdrying. This allows you to speed up the drying process and control how much volume you add-in.

Some people like to blow dry their hair upside down, which is great for defying gravity! It gives your hair a boost before you start any other styling steps. It’s also efficient and can help people with shoulder pain who can't get their arms up above their heads to dry their hair in an upright position.

If you prefer styling your hair upright and are able to lift your hair with your brush to blowdry, it will also give you lift and volume. Once it’s all dry, you’ll want to set your hair with a round brush, curling iron, or rollers and a bit of hair spray for hold.

There are a wealth of hairstyle ideas and specific curling techniques out there, but taking the time to find the one that’s designed to give you the end result you’re looking for is worth it. (You can find some great options and how-tos over on my Instagram reels!)


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