How To Prevent Damage from Flat Ironing Your Hair

When you rely on a flat iron every time you style your hair, you are putting your hair at risk.  Risk of burning your hair.  Once the hair is burnt, It cant be highlighted.  

I did a side by side comparison of a healthy hair swatch, compared to a flat ironed hair swatch. CLICK HERE to see the obvious difference!  

I encourage my clients to either embrace a more natural style that doesn't require fighting with it, or try to smooth the hair with a blow-dryer and round brush.  Yes, a blow-dryer is still heat, and can still dry the hair out and even cause damage, but in my professional opinion, if you can reduce the amount of flat ironing to straighten the hair, it is usually better for your hair health. 


Using the iron at the very end to lightly smooth the ends is better than repeated root to end flat ironing.  Always use thermal protection when you use hot tools.  I like Amika The Shield thermal spray, and Olaplex No 7 oil. CLICK HERE to order.  

Once your hair is styled, try to go a few days before you style it again.  I encourage clients to brush their hair with a boar hair bristle brush to distribute natural oils off the root down the hair shaft.  If you still feel like your roots are oily, you can try some dry shampoo to absorb access oils. This resets your style and prevents the need to start the whole cycle of hot tools. It also prevents your toner from washing down the drain.

Another great idea is to embrace the quick updos. I have lots of quick & simple ideas on my Instagram. CLICK HERE to see a  great braided updo - it's a great time saver, and no hot tools required!


If after a proper hair cut with the right layers and texture, you are still struggling to get your hair smooth, then I recommend a keratin smoothing treatment.  They take 1-2 hours and your hair is infused with keratin to reduce styling time.  Your hair will feel smooth and look shiny for a few months.  They are a major game changer for clients who struggle with frizzy, curly, or puffy hair. I have been doing them for many years and have had great feedback from everyone!

If you need help, or ideas for hairstyles that are easier to maintain, then send me a message. I will help you use the tools and products you have, or make a recommendation to one that might solve your problem.

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