Are You Ready For Fall Lowlights?

Happy Tuesday after the long weekend ...

I don't know about you, but I am in no hurry for summer to end!  I will take any chance I can get to soak up the morning sun, and I love how the sun naturally lightens my hair. I will drag this out for as long as I can. However, once my tan fades and the flip flops are put away in the closet, I am starting to think about moving into my “ fall blonde “ look.

First, I will start with my purple shampoo. It will neutralize quite a bit of the unwanted warmth that exists in the lighter tones, that might be enough for a week or two.  Eventually, I will have to accept that summer is over, and add a few lowlights.  While its not mandatory to add lowlights for fall, it is a great way to change your look if you get bored easily with the same colour. It is also a great way to soften sun bleached hair that is starting to look harsh.

Being blonde myself, the one thing I can't stand is when the lowlights are too skinny, they just blend in and dull the over all brightness of my blonde.  Instead, I use a technique and placement to create a beautiful dimension and really make the blonde pop ... check out this example:

And, it is important to know, that I only use demi permanent hair dye for lowlights.  Redken Shadeseq is my first choice for this creative work.  It is vibrant, has lots of creative color combo choices (why not add a drop of dark rose gold or copper blonde in the formula?) and it is easy to lift out at future appointments.  This means NO commitment and NO future colour correction to remove it.

If your ends have gotten bleached out from the sun, and you are wanting a change,  you have SO MANY options. But first… you have some homework to do... I want you to study the inspo pictures you have saved.  Look at their root.  Do they have highlights all the way up to the root? If yes, is it shadowed or toned down slightly?  Or, maybe there are no highlights up to the root.  Maybe the highlights stop an inch or two off the root.  Now look at the mid-section. Is there more or less dimension than at the root? Last, look at the ends.  Can you see lowlights going all the way to the ends ? Or, do the ends look brighter than the rest?  Some people prefer a subtle gradation where the ends are still lighter than the root.  Others prefer ribbons of lowlights all the way to the ends.  There is no right or wrong answer here, it is all personal preference.  All options look beautiful when done correctly! The possibilities are endless! Can you visualize  any or these options on your own hair ?  Don't stress out if you cant answer these questions.  We will go over your options at your appointment. I'm just trying to plant the seed and help you look for things that you might like in an "inspo" picture. As always, if you are unsure, send me your "inspo" pics and a few of your own hair, we can discuss what kind of appointment you will need. 

Here are a few ideas for you! Book in for an express toner. I can drop a root and neutralize any unwanted tones.  You can also drastically change the colour if you want.  (cinnamon cider red, burnt copper, neon tangerine are all super hot fall 2022 hair trends… and I am here for all of them!! Just sayin'!).  Check out this example:

Remember, toners don't make your hair lighter, so if you want highlights back up to your root, book in for face-framing money-piece, (or blonde highlights if you want highlights and lowlights).

I will support what ever you decide and will be honored & thrilled to help you reach your fall 2022 hair goals.  If you have any questions, please ask.  I do my best to answer my messages.  Here is the link to book:

Hope to see you soon!