3 Tips to Maintain that Beautiful Blonde Hair Color Between Appointments

Blonde hairstyles and highlights are a popular choice and can make for a big change or subtle (but powerful) impact. New trends pop up, seasons can lead to some fun new blonde shades to try, or you may just want to change up your look.

If you’re trying something new, you’ve likely done your research to find the style of highlights and the shade of blonde you love. Whether you’re trying out a money piece, adding some warmer blonde lowlights this time, or going all-out platinum, getting blonde work from an experienced hairstylist will help you reach your goals.

The first step is to make sure you book a consultation and salon appointment with someone who can help!

But what happens after your stylist is finished giving you a new blonde look you love?

Once you get there, the color has to be maintained between your appointments...

So, here are three simple but important ways to maintain your blonde:

1) Use the right toning shampoo at home.

Bleach lifts the hair lighter, and the underlying pigment is exposed. In blonde shades, that underlying pigment is yellow. To neutralize unwanted yellow, we use the color wheel to find the opposite color that balances things out: Purple.

Most of my blonde toners that I apply to clients’ hair have some sort of purple background tone in them. When I mix them up to suit the client’s hair and desired style, they end up with just the right blonde shades. But the toners your stylist applies in your appointment, like all color treatments, eventually fade.

And that's where a good toning shampoo & conditioner will come in handy! Think of your purple shampoo like a sudsy toner.

You want to wash your hair with a good daily shampoo to get the product buildup out of your hair. Then, go in with your Redken Color Extend Blondage shampoo. Distribute evenly throughout the hair and let it sit for 5 min.

If you like your blonde really icy, you can repeat the toning shampoo. Then follow up with the anti-brass conditioner and mask. These toner touch-ups are the best way to keep your blonde from looking brassy or uneven.

2) Balance your hair’s pH.

It's also important to balance the pH so it holds a toning shampoo’s tone and lets it do its job.

The REDKEN All Soft line will do this, and so much more. It is an anti-frizz moisturizing line that repairs dry, brittle hair. It will help regain strength that may be lost after highlights and the conditioners and masks have Argan oil, which provides extra manageability and shine.

This line is a great set and works well for most hair! But if your hair’s still feeling a bit dull or unmanageable, you may need something else. Talk to your stylist about whether your pH needs some extra attention and what products you could try.

3) Pick a routine that keeps your hair healthy.

Damaged hair makes keeping your perfect blonde harder. Any kind of blonde treatment will already do some damage to your hair, so in between appointments you want to do your best to limit things like breakage and heat damage. That means being smart about how you wash and style your hair.

First, make dry shampoo one of your go-to tools. By adding a day or two between your washes, you’ll keep your hair more hydrated, need to style it less often, and extend the time between your salon appointments. (Plus, it just saves you time!)

Fewer washes already limits your heat damage simply because you don’t style as often, but you should also choose tools and styles that limit heat exposure when you do style it as well.

Bonus tip:

Still want some added softness and a stronger toner...but not eager to book a full appointment yet?

Grabbing an Express Toner Appointment will help maintain your blonde highlights and soften any grow-out lines with a properly formulated toner. Save time, save money, have healthier hair. It’s an all-around win in my book.

And don’t ever hesitate to as a hairstylist (like me!) for extra help or tips before, during, or after your appointment.

Most importantly -

When you’re thinking about what blonde highlights or hairstyle to try next, make sure you’re factoring in the maintenance routine and products you’ll need in between appointments, too.

That way you can make sure you’ll love your hair every day, even after you’ve left the salon!

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